“Iki” by Mery Turiel

#Date: 15th March

#Hour: 19:30 H

We continue with the latest news in our most bastard and coolest hostel in the Malasaña neighbourhood. On March 15 we have another plan to start the weekend in the capital that you can not miss. The presentation of the new book of the most chick and bastard of Instagram: Mery Turiel. Come and visit us!

Mery Turiel presents her first book: Iki. That which is worth living for. Mery Turiel belongs to the Spanish Instagram elite, thanks to her aesthetic sense and her impeccable taste in outfits. But she also stands out for sharing ideas, intimate thoughts and a vision of the world and life that has conquered thousands of followers.


"Happiness is built within you, with those things that make you vibrate". Iki is a book that is not only beautiful, but also full of meaning. IKIGAI is a Japanese word formed by IKI (life) and GAI (which has value). Its translation is what is worth living for.

This book contains some of the author's most personal reflections, photos of her and her travels, and above all the essence of her day-to-day life, as it is here where she counts and reveals her intimacy to a greater extent, as she has not done in her networks.


With texts about her feelings, about her way of understanding the world and moving in it, with beautiful and deep texts, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes full of common sense and sometimes irreverent, Mery Turiel shows not only a great sensitivity, but also a special talent when writing and transmitting her impressions about what surrounds her and the time we live in; as a lover of reading, her facet in networks of recommending books and promoting culture is well known.

This girl, who when she does not travel around the world lives between Valencia and Madrid, has become one of the influencer of the moment, and the publication of her first book is the verification that her texts have a greater transcendence than the only like in social networks.

"I don't know if when you see this book you have any expectations about what you expect to find, but one thing I can assure you: you will find life. Because it is a sincere reflection of mine. My passions, my worries, my loves, my dislikes. My family, my friends, the fight against prejudices. My internal and external battles. My disappointments, my victories, my defeats. All of them with a common denominator: the tireless search for everything that makes me feel that I am alive and for everything that has value for me.


In Bastardo Hostel

During the presentation, the author will talk about her book, exchange opinions with the audience and answer readers questions, as well as share details about the writing process, their concerns, about life in general and their vision of it, making the event dynamic and fun.

From 19:30 h on Friday 15th March, the author will share a very special time with her followers, and in addition to presenting the book, at the end of the afternoon she will proceed to dedicate it in a signature limited to 150 people. Each person will have access to the signature with only one companion. One photograph per signature will be allowed, which will be taken by a member of the organization. For the sake of all attendees, no selfies may be made. 

A member of the organization will distribute the 150 tickets in line order one hour before the start. The activity will be accompanied by a projection, during the talk, of some images and passages from the book, revealing contents and providing added value.

"I do not know what sensation I will have in a few years when reading this book. I might laugh at some of the stories I've told. Maybe I'll change my mind about something. Almost certainly, I'll tell you. If we are something, it is constant change. An evolution. And I feel better than I did five years ago. Ten years ago.

See you at the most Bastard Instagram!

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