1. mercadillos navideños Bastardo

    Find out the most bastard Christmas Markets


    Christmas is here! And what better plan to awaken the Christmas spirit than to visit a traditional flea market? A fun plan to do with family, friends or as a couple to enjoy the magic of these dates and find the most original and fun gifts to give to loved ones. From Bastardo we propose you these 5 typical markets of the capital. Are you coming?

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  2. Fiestón Bastardo 20

    Big moments of the party


    As you already know our #Mostbastardparty of the coolest hostel in Madrid was a BOMBASS. Laughter, dancing, very good energy and even invocations! But, for those of you who want to relive them or weren’t there, we don’t want you to be left with the desire (and also to put on some long teeth) we leave you with some of the most bastardistic moments of the whole party, which were not few 🙂

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  3. Fiestón bastardo portada



    Last Saturday December 1st we had a great time on the occasion of the inauguration of the most bastard hostel in Malasaña. Did you miss it? Quiet, here you have a small summary of everything we enjoy…

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  4. plan ruta malasaña

    Madrid closes the centre to traffic


    Madrid close this 30th of November the traffic to the centre, but in Bastardo we give you the best solution. We count with a garage where you can park your car without a problem and walk through the centre of the city without any problem. Because in our hostel, our guests are like our own family and we take care of your needs.

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  5. hall Bastardo

    The most bastard hall


    There are many hostels but none as bastard as ours, things happen here and it is in our hall where all the magic appears. Whether you are passing through our staying in our rooms, you will fall in love with our most special and vesatile floor, where you can eat, have a craft beer or just hang out enjoying one of the many events that take place every week in this space of creation that will not leave you indifferent.

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  6. ruta alcalá malasaña

    From Bastardo to Heaven


    Our most bastard hostel has a privileged location and that is because we are in the heart of the city, so it`s very accessible to walk to any tourist spot. Whether on foot or by public transport from Bastardo you will be able to discover the entire city without having to invest a lot of effort.

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  7. museos gratis malasaña

    Free museums in Malasaña


    In #BastardoMadrid we love cultural plans and we are lucky to be in one of the areas with the most tourist and cultural offer in the whole city. In this list we will recommend you not only a varied offer of museums that are found in the area, but also all the information about timetables and prices you need. 

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  8. meriendas por malasaña

    Bastard snacks in Malasaña


    Malasaña is better known as a place where you can have a beer than a good coffee, but surprisingly, a lot of charming coffee shops can be found in this district where you can have something warm to drink and escape from the cold. Near the coolest hostel from all Madrid are some of them. Are you ready to know where to take some bastard snacks?

    Come in and cozy up.

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  9. baños all gender Bastardo

    All gender bathrooms


    Bathrooms in which to fall in love, bathrooms where you can have selfies and even photo sessions before giving the “yes I do”. The bathrooms in the common area are for everyone and for all audiences, but they also come with a surprise…

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  10. hotel hostel diferencias

    Hostel vs hotel


    There is no doubt that hostels are new avant-garde spaces, they are the new concept of hostelry. We are neither a hotel, nor a bar, nor (only) a creative space, nor just a meeting point. We are much more. But what are we?

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  11. cañas malasaña

    Malasaña’s best ‘caña’


    If the most daring hotel in Malasaña doesn’t know where to drink a good cane… turn it off and let’s go. These are the bars where you can have a cane (or several) near the hostel. Go pointing!

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  12. hostel de moda madrid

    What’s going on at Tribunal hostel?


    What are we? If at this point in the film, you’re still wondering what Bastard is, we’re going to forgive you because it’s you, but you should know (already) that in this hostel we are many things…

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  13. matrix-loreal-evento-madrid-octubre

    Change your look in this hostel


    Can you imagine that besides sleeping in the coolest hotel in Madrid you could change your look? You don’t have to dream it because it can become a reality this weekend. Matrix, one of L’oreal’s brands, will visit Bastardo on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th October for you to flip it in colours. And what does this mean? You’d better check it out for yourself.

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  14. que hacer en malasaña

    What’s a cat doing in Malasaña?


    We want you to know that Bastardo hostel is also a cat. Why? Because we are a hostel located in a neighbourhood that has seen several generations born. We are between Malasaña and Chueca, two neighbourhoods impregnated with the Madrid insignia.

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  15. Eszenit 2

    Eszenit in Bastardo


    You know that in #BastardoMadrid we are very festivals, so last Friday September 14, we hosted part of the programming of the Festival Eszenit on our rooftop while the afternoon fell on the sky of Madrid, and particularly our hostel.

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  16. fiesta del cine 2018

    Hello movie party


    Take out the list of films waiting to be released because the cinema party is coming to Madrid! And if you are one of those who sleep in the most modern hostel in the capital, you have several cinemas near the hostel so you can watch that movie you are dying to see.

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  17. Silla icónica hall bastardo

    FAQS at Bastardo Hostel


    One trip takes away another trip. It’s often said that when a plane ticket has already been used, the next step is to buy another ticket to a new destination. It’s called the pleasure of traveling. Nothing of a guilty pleasure. If you have returned from holidays, sit looking at your suitcase still unpacked and…buy a new boarding pass that flies to Madrid.

    With your friends, with your boy or with the backpack as an ally. Finding accommodation in the centre of Madrid is very simple. The coolest hostel is called Bastardo, so leave the laziness to one side when preparing your trip because we will solve all your frequently asked questions before you step on Madrid soil.

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  18. habitaciones madrid bastardo

    Sleeps like a Bastard


    There are many ways to get to sleep. Sleeping on the loose. Sleep counting sheep or fall asleep reading the book attached to the bedside table. But what’s it like sleeping like a real bastard?

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  19. Musicales madrid portada

    Musicals in Madrid


    You know that in #BastardoMadrid, besides having the perfect accommodation in the heart of Madrid, we are also lovers of musicals and culture. That is why we always try to offer you the best plans and those that best suit your tastes, you know how we are…

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  20. Festival polo 3

    Festival Polo at Bastardo


    For two days, the Festival Polo included a series of conferences, debates, concerts and musical selections representing the young generation of the city of Madrid, their cultural and social concerns and the people who inspire them. The entire daytime programme was free and broadcast live on Radio Relativa.

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  21. Planes septiembre

    Plans for September


    Madrid is a city that offers everything you need, and also, if you stay in our hostel in the heart of Madrid you will enjoy our privileged location where everything will be close to you, you will not be able to say no to any plan!

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  22. serotonina_set 1

    Bastardo dances with Serotonina


    In Bastardo we are very dancing, so during the months of July and August we have been able to enjoy the dj set of Serotonina. They accompanied us on the 21st of July, 5th and 26th of August, making our whole hostel dance.

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  23. The Latin Dukes

    The Latin Dukes


    The Latin Dukes visited the Bastardo Hostel stand and it was a guaranteed party. Their music played at the Malasaña fashion hostel and we are already looking forward to having them playing Bastardo again.

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  24. sistema QR

    QR System, Bastard System


    We’re talking about the QR system, a new system with which you can open and close your hostel door from your smartphone. No more carrying keys or cards. We are done with the keys not working for us and having to go down to the front desk. No more wasting time on something as simple as opening a door.

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  25. bares bastardos

    Bars with B’s for Bastard


    At #BastardoMadrid we want to make it easy for you and show you some of the fashionable bars in our privileged location, between Malasaña and Chueca, because thanks to this privileged location you will find the fashionable bars closer than ever.

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  26. Bastardo hostel Madrid hall

    With B of Bastardo


    Haven’t you ever heard the question of “B” for good? “B” for “good, nice and cheap”? All these statements have their place in Bastardo.

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  27. Masoniería 3

    Masonieria in Bastardo


    The last 28th of July we were able to enjoy in our hostel in the heart of Madrid, a very special electroverbena, we told you about the Masoniería of Sonia Topo.

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  28. Planes verano madrid

    Summer plans in Madrid


    Are you on holiday in Madrid and don’t know what to do? Are you just passing through? Do you live here? Do you come from abroad? Be that as it may, at #BastardoMadrid, the fashionable hostel in the heart of Madrid, we love you all.

    As we are not just a bed & breakfast, nor a simple accommodation to sleep in Madrid, we want to offer you a whole spectrum of plans so that you forget about the idea that Madrid is boring in summer.

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  29. Fifty DJ 1

    Fifty DJ


    Bastardo makes us dance and enjoy new sounds from unique places, and in our premise of making you dance, we brought you a DJ who couldn’t leave you indifferent, we talked about Fifty DJ.

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  30. La llamada 1

    Bastard call


    How does one speak of the work (and film) of ‘La Llamada’ without falling into exuberant flattery and adjectives? It’s impossible, it has conquered our hearts and those of more than half a million spectators.

    ‘La Llamada’ was born in a neighbourhood that our hostel is well known for its privileged location, Malasaña. Since 2013, this work has been breaking the mould of thousands and thousands of “callers” who come to feel the faith.

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  31. Hall Bastardo

    Word Cup in Bastardo


    Can you feel it? It’s in the air, the final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia is coming up by leaps and bounds and we’re looking forward to knowing who the new world champion will be.

    Is it France? Is it England?

    We don’t know, but what we are sure of is that we want you to live it with us.

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  32. Planta 3

    Bastardo’s floor


    At Bastardo we believe that there are secrets that are better kept in mind, but we couldn’t stand it any longer and we needed to reveal what each of the floors that make up the fashionable hostel between Malasaña and Chueca is like.

    Shall we get started?

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  33. Xabier Grey

    Xabier Grey in Bastardo


    Xabier Grey, a Basque singer and composer based in Madrid, releases his first solo album under the title P.A.P.A.

    A musical adventure that navigates between contemporary pop, soul and r&b.

    After performing in the Puerta del Sol, Grey and his band come Bastardo to continue the celebration to share their songs with the fashionable local in the capital.

    Lots of music, elegant, emotional and fun. They’re threatening to take you by surprise, and a good one.

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  34. Marwan portada

    Poetry in the street


    Madrid’s commercial and hotel showcases become “Pages of Glass”.

    Marwan will write 20 verses in 20 windows of various establishments in Madrid including our hostel, Bastardo, an old acquaintance of the singer-songwriter and poet who already visited us on the night of the books.

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  35. El puñal dorao 1

    ‘El Puñal Dorao’ in Bastardo


    En Bastardo pudimos disfrutar de esta gran fiesta el pasado día 4 de julio como inauguración del #Pride2018, ¿qué mejor manera de empezar el Orgullo?
    Esperamos que ‘El Puñal Dorao’ vuelva pronto a Bastardo para poder sacar nuestras plataformas y bailar.

    ¡Nos vemos en el blog más bastardo!

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    IDENTITIES / La Escena Roja


    IDENTITIES! Are you unconventional? From new artistic, political, gender perspectives? Come as you wish!

    On July 3rd, an unconventional theatrical proposal broke into the avant-garde artistic programme of Bastardo Hostel, the fashionable hostel between Malasaña and Chueca. With it, the theater came back to Bastard.

    Bastardo welcomed the proposal of some shocking or absurd fragments, taken from the successful play IDENTITIES in the key of disconcerting poetic rap.

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  37. Alex Costa

    Journalism Álex Costa


    Do you trust society with the information provided by the media? do you think the journalistic model is worn out? Do you think it rewards quality or entertainment? Do you think it affects social networks and influencers to the stability of journalism? Do you think it affects the stability of journalism? What do you think are the current threats to the profession?

    Post-truth, disintermediation, hoaxes, disinformation, immediacy… Who is who in the field of information?

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  38. Uniforme Bastardo

    #Ihatehotel, #Youhatehotel


    Being a hater is all the rage, but in #BastardoMadrid it’s standard, our personality has made us that way and we love it.

    Being a hater can be very good, it can make you more demanding and lead you to discover the best places, such as our hostel in the centre of Madrid.

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  39. Portada Río Babel

    Rio Babel arrives in Madrid


    Do you want to join the Rio Babel Festival? Bastardo is your perfect accommodation option, we adapt to your needs: groups, couples, family, individuals, whatever it be….in our hostel in the heart of Madrid you will find your perfect option.

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  40. Orgullo Gay Madrid

    Gay Pride, Bastardo Pride


    The beginning of summer is marked by the calendar, but it’s true that until the Gay Pride of Madrid arrives it isn’t (anymore) summer. A party to celebrate with great pride and which Bastardo joins with its entire team.

    This year Gay Pride is celebrated from June 28th to July 8th in Madrid and we want you to experience it like never before and keep your strength up in Bastardo, the hostel between Chueca and Malasaña. In our rooms you will be able to sleep, rest and consult the activities of Chueca and the program of the whole #lgtbpride of Madrid, come to the Pride of Madrid and sleep in Bastardo!

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  41. Recepción Bastardo

    A Day in Bastardo


    Are you one of those who needs to know what to do at all times or do you prefer to let life surprise you? Whatever you are, there’s a place for you in Bastardo and we’ll tell you why.

    There’s no room for boredom in Bastardo.

    Come in without knocking! We’re waiting for you!

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  42. Portada Mad Cool

    Mad Cool: sleep at Bastardo’s


    It may be your first time in a hostel, it may be your last or just one of many. Whether you are inexperienced or an expert in the field, we at Bastardo are ready to make the real guide to survival of our hostel.

    No more thinking that a hostel experience must be something horrible, dirty or boring, in our hostel in the heart of Madrid you will have an authentic Bastard experience. We’re sure you’ll want to come again. You can tell your family, partner, children or friends: you stay in Bastard.

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  43. Programación Bastardo Danza

    White Swan’s Passage to Two


    At Bastardo we like dancing and above all, we like being able to enjoy it, so last Saturday we had the great pleasure of enjoying the great classical ballet Swan Lake: the Swan’s passage to two; and then, for some improvisation that moved us through space.

    Esteban Berlanga and Lucie Barthélémy, dancers from the National Dance Company, came to Bastardo to perform this piece of classical ballet, and a more improvised section. Their passion and professionalism allow them to investigate dance, to “tell” it on different stages and to reach out to people on the street, to casual spectators who do not expect to enjoy it in industrial, street and eclectic places. In this way, they open our eyes to see, from another perspective, a discipline that is mistakenly considered “for a few”.

    Dance, whatever it is, is art if it is enjoyed.

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  44. Preguntas frecuentes en Bastardo Hostel 3

    Bastard Survival Guide


    It may be your first time in a hostel, it may be your last or just one of many. Whether you are inexperienced or an expert in the field, we at Bastardo are ready to make the real guide to survival of our hostel.

    No more thinking that a hostel experience must be something horrible, dirty or boring, in our hostel in the heart of Madrid you will have an authentic Bastard experience. We’re sure you’ll want to come again. You can tell your family, partner, children or friends: you stay in Bastard.

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  45. Mundial 1

    World Cup decoration


    It’s official Bastards, it’s time for the World Cup, and of course, at the fashionable hostel in the heart of Madrid we joined him.

    For this occasion, Dominique Taylor is going to dress our hostel with a very special decoration.

    You can’t miss it!

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  46. Ayahuasca portada

    ‘Ayahuasca between two worlds’


    Carlos Suárez presented in Bastardo a photo book that invites us to learn about the work of the masters of ayahuasca, the visionary medicine of the Amazon.

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  47. Mulafest portada

    Mulafest: the urban festival


    Yes, you heard right, Mulafest is like coming to Bastardo: it’s an experience you’ll never forget. After several years of experience, Mulafest returns to Madrid next June 22-24.

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  48. hostel para dormir en madrid

    Hostel to sleep (and much more)


    We have it all in Bastard. Rooms for groups, rooms for families and incredible views from the double room with terrace. Bastardo’s personality breathes in your accommodation in downtown Madrid.

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  49. Lidia Damunt & Friends


    Last Saturday we had a vermouth date with Lidia Damunt. Our favorite singer-songwriter (and from Murcia) was our special guest last weekend at Bastardo.

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  50. Feria del Libro Madrid

    The Madrid Book Fair


    Run, you bastards! The Madrid Book Fair is coming to an end this weekend, you already have a plan!

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  51. Microeatro Enamora 2.0

    Microtheater Enamora 2.0


    The microtheater is coming to Bastardo!

    A theatrical text of great cultural value that “revives” historical figures by parodying them in modern times. You’ll walk out of Bastard with some learned curiosity, plus jaw pain from laughing.

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  52. Cecil Beaton PHotoEspaña



    Bastardo, take out the agenda and write down: PHotoEspaña is the perfect excuse to come and visit Madrid. The must-attend event for lovers of photography and photographic art. Are you going to miss it?

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