ROOM 317: Tim Berners-Lee

09.10.23 / 17:37

Did you know the creation of the World Wide Web was caused by a man's frustration? The same frustration you get when dropping your biscuit in the milk, or your spoon in the soup.


The father of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, was fed up with having to go in and out of different computers to access different information resources. He decided to put an end to his exasperation and help us all, granting us the privilege to use our digital devices to look for any piece of knowledge.

Do you want to know which is the coolest pub in Madrid near Bastardo Hostel? or, what’s on our Limbo menu? Well, thanks to Tim Berners-Lee, it's just a click away. This is owed to the sick invention developed by this genius, that in addition, made sure for it to be free. The quick and immediate feature came with time.

If you’re still wondering what we are talking about, and who is this man whom you owe life to, keep reading little bastard, we will be revealing everything to you, so you can brag about it with your mates.


Bastardo del mes Tim Berners-Lee Bastardo Hostel

Tim Berners-Lee, a genius bastard

Tim Berners-Lee is a British computer scientist, who while studying at Oxford, created from scratch with nothing but an old television, a computer. What a genius bastard!

His ability to create, let him invent, with the help of his formidable team, the HTML, HTTP and URL language (some weird computational letter that you may have heard of more than a hundred times, and still, you have no idea about). Combining these worlds, our friend Timmy, was able to put up the World Wide Web (what you know as www.), creating the first connection between server and customer.

But look out, our bastard was not done. The first search engine and web service of the whole wide world were also the product of this man. A star in the computational field.

28th of September: International right to access to information day

With the excuse of the international computer geeks day, we put out in coalition our dear Timmy Berners-Lee.

This free access is a privilege that we possess and that we must venerate. Here, at Bastardo Hostel, your hotel at the center of Madrid, not only we celebrate this day, but we applaud it allllllllll year long, with a room dedicated to the master. Forever there, in room 317, our revered Tim Berners-Lee and his very bastard philosophy:

"The purpose of the web is to serve humanity. We build it now so that those who come after us can create what we ourselves cannot imagine" Tim Berners-Lee.


Room 317: Family Reunion

Here, at Bastardo Hostel, we are like the grandparents that are always trying to get the whole family to visit them. Tim liked to get his team together with their IT stuff and develop cool stuff, and we like family get-togethers and having a good time; but at this meeting, we won't ask you if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet, so come along for the ride.

As Tim Berners-Lee understands our desire to cram in, the room in which we pay tribute to him, is a family room of 4 on the third floor, 317. It has a high single bed plus a double bed with panoramic views of Calle San Mateo, in the heart of the Chueca and Malasaña neighborhoods. Because good bastard grandparents only want the best for their little bastards.

A non-secret code.

We know you use your access to information to watch cat videos and tweet, but we invite you to use it to find the best hostel in Madrid (spoiler: that's us).

Now that we've told you the open secret that's known all over Spain, we're going to tell you where the coolest hostel in Madrid is. You'll find us waiting for you at Calle San Mateo, 3. Stay at the coolest hotel in Madrid, right next to the Tribunal metro stop and very close to the Alonso Martínez metro stop.


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