Workshop for families and kids

  • Date: 16.02.2019 
  • Hour: 11:00 h and 12:15 h 

Frida Kahlo comes to Bastardo! In this workshop we will have a great time elaborating a portrait in the manner of this great Mexican artist who was born in Coyoacán in 1954. Frida was a lover of her country and that’s why her works never lacked the animals and plants typical of her land, nor the necklaces and traditional costumes. It’s the iconic Frida image we all have of her. Frida was a very modern woman, ahead of her time, but at the same time she loved Mexican customs and folklore. All these elements form part of his personality and are present in his works.

How does this workshop go?

Our teacher will be Magda from Alamanerade, who will help us create paintings in the purest bastard style inspired by the Mexican artist. First we will see some of his best-known paintings in which the elements mentioned above are present. Then, inspired by their self-portraits, we will draw on a template with the image of Frida some of the animals and plants typical of Mexico such as an alcatraz, a monkey or a macaw. . . each child will draw them in their own way from the images we will see. Then we will add flowers, necklaces and various elements of Frida’s own style that will give color to our work and a very personal touch. Finally we will frame the portrait in a simple way to obtain a work of art that we will be able to give away or hang at home as if it were a painting. It will be an original, long-lasting work that will not lack anything, not even the detail of the eyebrow!

You can have a look at the Alamanerade Art for kids project on their website, where they organize all kinds of workshops and activities in Spanish, English and French for the whole family and for the kids to have fun and learn. This is how the workshops will be divided:

  • Kids from 4 to 6 years (accompanied by an adult): 11:00 h 
  • Kids from 7 to 12 years: 12:15 h 

Who was Frida Kahlo?

Her life was marked by the disease when she contracted polio as a child. Years later, she suffered a serious accident in her youth when she was hit by a tram. This accident kept her bedridden for long periods and that’s how she started to paint. However, the disease did not limit the young Frida, who led a very free and unconventional life for the time. She was the author of some 200 works, mostly self-portraits in which she projected her yearnings, her fears, her difficulties in surviving and the relationship with her husband, the artist Diego Rivera. Both shared an interest and love for the popular art of their country, of indigenous roots, which inspired some Mexican artists including Frida herself.

Frida was able to exhibit in France thanks to an invitation from André Breton, who wanted to convince her that her art was also surrealist. For Frida, however, her art was simply personal, inspired not by dreams, but by her own reality and life. One of the works in that exhibition is now in the Centre Pompidou in Paris and became the first painting by a Mexican artist bought by the Louvre Museum. Until then, Frida had only painted privately and was surprised that her work could arouse public interest. Although her work was already admired by outstanding artists and intellectuals of her time such as Picasso, Kandinski or Marcel Duchamp, Frida’s work did not achieve fame and true international recognition until after her death and especially after 1970.


Save the place for your children now because our workshops are going to be the blast! We will create the most beautiful and colorful paintings in the style of Frida and the little ones will be able to turn into small artists in our most bastard hostel while they have a great time creating and having fun. and, if you didn’t know it, here we are kids friendly, so tell it to all the daddies you know, because, besides this workshop, in Bastardo we have planned for 2019, many plans and activities for children and for the whole family. So, stay tuned, you bastards.

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