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After presenting in exclusive the line up exhibition of the first edition of AFTER US last October 17th, A-project returns to Bastardo hostel to gather in a roundtable to artists and professionals of different disciplines and that will be the prelude of what will happen the next day in this first issue of AFTER US.

mesa redonda after us

A twist to the dance club

This roundtable will have a theme that revolve around the sound scene, as a discipline and area of study, anthropology, sensory experimentation, the alteration of reality, the  future, Physics... In this way, AFTER US is posed as an experiment of sensory immersion through light, sound and darkness. It´s a twist to the dance club and the electronic music festival that turns in the design of experience and the alteration of reality of the individual who immerses himself in a space. The spot is still a secret until this very day at 5 pm and in which it prepares to enjoy the music with 4 artists from the electronic and experimental  scene of Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin and who bring Noise and Techno sounds.

Take a look to all the artists that will come to this first issue in :

New visions about the club scene

From 7 pm a selection of very special participants from areas and artistic disciplines will be called with whom positions and perspectives related to all these concepts that are behind AFTER US, a project that goes beyond what is proposed in a meeting of music artists and their listeners. We work the space, its atmosphere and we study and premeditate very well the sound, the light and the dymanics of the human being in this environment so that it results in a completely sensorial and enveloping action. Part of the study of the human being as an evolutionary entity that voluntarily and involuntarily undergoes sound stimuli, natural and artificial light and how this alters its evolution in the time line. The concepts that come from cosmology and celestial mechanics, as well as the study of the states of consciousness within all this framework of future and technolgy that are proposed, also have a lot of force.

In the second hour, from 8 to 9 pm we will talk about the project itself, A-project, the creative team that gives life to AFTER US, will be talking about the whole preproduction and production phases of the project and telling some advances of what will happen the next day.

Bastard AFTER US

Very special participants

Very special artists will be invited to the roundtable that A-project convenes in the prelude of AFTER US in our hostel in Malasaña. Among them is Marian Garrido, an artist who develops her work between unreality, magic and science. Along with her, there will also be Huma, a catalonian artist of electronic and experimental music who studies sound ans its interaction with humans and who will also participate in the first edition of AFTER US.

The 4 artists who are part of the line up of the first edition of AFTER US, come from Berlin, Barcelona and Madrid. Some of them have already taken part in festivals such as Sónar Barcelona, Mutek and the mythical Berghain in the German capital. Along with them, there will be two of the best-known radio stations in Barcelona and Madrid on the electronic and experimental scene in Spain: and Radio Relativa, which will be part of the live retransmission from the secret location where the first edition of this issue is being developed.

What is AFTER US?

AFTER US is an evolution of the new human. A staging of experimental art, electronic culture and audiovisual installation. It is a sensory experiment that connects human consciousness with technology. A call to the future through visual arts and electronic music, resulting in an immersion of the senses in tangible space an time.

It is projected as a new proposal in Madrid to bring together everything new that happens in the world in the experimental art scene to bring it in continuous deliveries over time. The A-project group has chosen our hostel in Madrid centre as the space for the presentation of this first edition because it is related with the daring values that they want to transmit.

mesa redonda after us

Where will be AFTER US?

AFTER US opnes its first edition in an unknown location up to 24 hours before the day of the event. It is a space open to workship and to the transcendence of the human being. A direct dimension to contemporary creation through the more spiritual plane of consciousness. More than 500 m2 and an altitude that exceeds 10 meters high. With a historical background that frames it as a place of workship and search for a new state of consciousness for the human being.

If you love electronic music and want to discover an original and impressive project within the industry that goes beyond music and senses, you can´t miss the roundtable of the first edition of AFTER US at Tribunal´s most bastard hostel.

In this session you will be able to better understand the whole project and the concerns and motiviations of the different artists that make up the A-project group. A different and daring plan with which to learn a new perspective within electronic music. If you feel like having a drink afterwards, you don´t have to go very far, because in Bastardo we have the Limbo Grill with delicious proposals and handcrafted beer.

Find out, come and enjoy.







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