Room 206: Pierre de la Varenne

29.01.24 / 11:46

Welcome, bastards, to Room 206, home of January's bastard François Pierre de la Varenne! Because January in Madrid means rich food. The capital becomes, thanks to Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España at IFEMA, the epicenter of gastronomic innovation. And that's why we honor this legendary chef who transformed gastronomy and is recognized as the founder of French haute cuisine. Let's delve into the culinary history of this master chef because it's sure to surprise you.



Bastardo del Mes Pierre de la Varenne

The IT chef

Before celebrity chefs, before cookery reality TV shows, and way before rankings and Michelin stars there was Pierre de la Varenne. For inventing béchamel sauce alone – the mother of all sauces – he deserves a top spot in the Pantheon of the great chefs.

His book The French Cook (1651) was a real culinary revolution. It was the masterpiece that saw the shift from medieval cuisine to French haute cuisine. He championed methods for enhancing the natural flavours of food rather than the excessively seasoned preparations typical of medieval cuisine. Despite the fame he managed to enjoy during his era, even being esteemed by royalty, he died in complete anonymity.

Praise him the next time you delight your taste buds with a delicious croqueta or a succulent lasagne.


What is Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España at IFEMA?

In January, the month of our bastard Pierre de la Varenne, Madrid Fusión is celebrated at IFEMA, and Madrid becomes the epicenter of gastronomic innovation. World-renowned chefs, culinary enthusiasts, and professionals gather to explore new culinary frontiers. It is an event where traditions blend with avant-garde, reflecting the bold vision of chefs like our bastard of the month, Pierre de la Varenne, whose legacy continues to influence how we understand and enjoy cuisine today, especially in the case of béchamel.


Room 206: lasagna and chill

Imagine cooking and devouring a lasagna with béchamel in a ultra-modern kitchenette while watching your favorite series. Now, picture that kitchenette being in a hostel in the center of Madrid with everything within reach. In this hostel, you have a room that you share with your travel buddies in a space without sacrificing privacy. Room 206 is not only there to pay tribute to the culinary master, Pierre de la Varenne, but it's also an island of privacy in a bunk with 6 beds and spacious drawers for all your belongings.

Step into room 206 and discover comfort with full private bathrooms and spacious showers.

Chef kiss

Thus concludes our tribute to the bastard of the month, Pierre de la Varenne. May his culinary creativity inspire your stay at Bastardo Hostel, the trendy hotel in Madrid. Enjoy every bite, and let's toast to the perfect fusion of culinary history and comfort.

We are located at Calle San Mateo, 3, next to Tribunal metro station. We are waiting for you!


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