Room 202: Patti Smith

29.11.23 / 13:01

In the month of December, Bastardo Hostel honours a bastard who has enchanted the world with her art and her unmistakable voice. Patti Smith, the bastard of punk, was born in this month full of festivities and reflections. Her story, like December's, is a mix of influences, warmth and a touch of rebellion.

In the age of cynicism and individualism, Patti reminds us that "People have the power". Join us as we delve into the story of a woman whose artistic presence has left an enduring mark on music and culture.


Patti Smith (1)

Patti Smith, the "poetess of punk", was born in Chicago on the 30th December 1946. Raised in New Jersey, with a waitress mother, amateur singer and Jehovah's Witness, and a blue-collar and avid reader father, Patti forged her personality in the crucible of diversity. She is said to have found salvation in reading a stolen copy of Rimbaud's "The Illuminations", a spark that ignited her path to creative rebellion.

With her debut album, "Horses" (1975), Patti Smith not only broke musical barriers but also set a new standard for artistic authenticity. Patti not only brought new dimensions to punk music, but also introduced lyricism, feminism and echoes of the beat generation into the music scene.

With no limitations to her creativity, Patti Smith was also a writer. In 2010, our bastard, she received the National Book Award for her memoir, "We Were Just Kids", revealing chapters of her life that inspire and connect with us all.




Room 202: There is room for 6!

Stepping into room 202, a female shared room of 6 , we pay homage to the rebellious feminine spirit of Patti Smith. This cosy space is a home to stories and personalities, where the footprints of our bastard of the month are intertwined with the laughter and secrets shared between guests.

Inspired by Patti's unapologetic attitude, it's the perfect place for female travellers looking for a cosy space full of rock 'n' roll vibes. The room has bunks of 6, not one but TWO spacious showers, drawers for each bed and all the necessary amenities and if you're missing any of them, be rebellious and we'll make your wishes come true.

Patti's style

At Bastard Hostel, your hotel in the center of Madrid, we celebrate the bastard of the month, Patti Smith, and welcome the new year with the same passion and determination she has injected into her music and her life. Come Patti Smith with us! We are at Calle San Mateo, 3, between Chueca and Malasaña and next to the Tribunal metro station and near Alonso Martinez.


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