• Date: 12.01.2019 
  • Hour: 12:30 h 

SOPHIA-C present themselves as an independent group from Madrid who have been enjoying music for 10 years. Their references are very disparate as much as their lives are and they only worry about doing what they like in music without conforming to styles or fashions. In their concerts they love to improvise and interact with the audience, looking for new formats and scenographies. At the moment they are about to publish the second CD although from the first day they have shared songs, improvisations and experiments in their social media networks.

On this occasion, three of their components are presented: Daniel Hernández (vocals, guitar), Irene Aracil (vocals) and Emilio Montanet (guitar) in an acoustic concert to give the audience a new version of their group's songs away from their usual sound.

In their music you can discover equity and equality in expressions, both musical and textual, since the ideas that arise are implemented equally, regardless of who exposes them, and the style that characterizes them. This makes them a group without limits, completely open to any option, and to all possible options in this ocean full of possibilities. They believe in equality, and in the potential of each of them, and what they contribute independently makes them a different group collectively.

Open to all kinds of collaborations, and participation in different projects, but also trust in equal opportunities for all, and invite all those who want to participate in their music, sharing it as affordable as possible. As well as their concerns, which they also try to share expressed in their songs, which have always come out in body and soul. They think it would be fundamental, that we all have the same opportunities, that we can all participate in this world with the same weapons, that there should be weapons for all, that means revolution, insubordination, tragedy and violence. Rabies. When you listen to their songs, you can glimpse their ingredients, something cold, with some load of violence, and notes of evil or malice; few concessions are made to beauty, although sweetness is never lacking. Their music sometimes makes one of the true faces of the world manifest.

Sometimes the noise they make in their concerts is a cloud that makes you feel strange, but if you go inside and let yourself be surrounded by it you can discover the strength and beauty inside, which connects you with a part of you that you may not know. It is possible that you box them in the NOISE but it would not be true at all, because they also sound ROCK-POP (go with labels) and sometimes to PUNK, and all that relying on electronics. This is often referred to as ECLECTRIC style. So SOPHIA-C is an eclectic band that doesn't hide their (many) influences and their varied tastes. In this occasion in Bastardo Hostel they want to show a more intimate and close sound.

On Saturday 12th January we will be able to enjoy from half a day this group so transgressor and eclectic that surely fills with life and good atmosphere our most bastard hall. Come and enjoy this free concert while you have an aperitif with a fresh vermouth in our bar, because in Bastardo we have the best plans to start the year with very good vibes and joy.

If you want a little advance you can take a sneak peek to one of their songs and past concerts don't miss this video:

SOPHIA-Cústico' social networks

Enjoy our programming


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