A Day in Bastardo

22.02.24 / 13:39

What's a bastard like you doing in a hostel like this?

Are you one of those who needs to know what to do at all times or do you prefer to let life surprise you? Whatever you are, there's a place for you in Bastardo and we'll tell you why.

There's no room for boredom in Bastardo.

Come in without knocking! We're waiting for you!

A Day in Bastardo

10:00h: Wake up you, bastards, don't be lazy, if you want to enjoy the day you have to make the effort to 'get up a little early', that is, get up before 11:00h, if you don't want to miss the wonderful bastards breakfast. Don't complain that we know that sleeping is a priority, so we extend breakfasts until 11:00 am. Get dressed, groomed, look good to burn Madrid, the world, but above all our breakfasts at the fashionable hostel in the centre of Madrid.

Are you more sweet or salty? Anyway, in Bastardo Hostel we offer you breakfast to your measure, toast, sausages, croissants, juice, coffee, milk, ask for that mouth bastard, we have everything, we know you need strength. Besides, you can enjoy your breakfast in our lobby, with great views and free Wi-Fi, shake and tremble Starbucks, Bastardo has arrived.

11:00h: Once you have strength, you can get ready to eat the world and get to know all the plans that Madrid has to offer you, although even a little earlier you may fall in love with our hall and decide to take a walk around it, many take advantage of it to photograph it, don't be less, open your Instagram and show your friends that you are also an influencer.

It's time to get to know the city, although we warn you that at the exit you will probably be looking at our illustrious window and its bastard decoration.

14:00h: Exhausted from your walk in Madrid? Don't worry! In our restaurant you'll get your strength back. In Limbo we have it all, you might fall in love with our grilled chicken or our star sandwich. We won't keep you awake any longer, we'd rather you came and tried it for yourself. We're sure you'll repeat it!

15:00h: Did you forget to do your laundry? Would you like a snack? Sunbathing? No matter what you need, we've got it all figured out. You can go down and do the laundry at our most bastard laundry, but take your mobile phone with you, its neon light will leave you in love and you'll want to take a picture of it. Plus, while you're doing laundry, you can have a snack in the kitchen right next door. Once you have done everything you need to do, our terrace with sunbathing area is waiting for you, we don't need the beach!

19:00h: My goodness! Time flies, and you've taken advantage of our terrace so much that you've dried up. A beer in our bar? We have handcrafted beers and traditional brands, a good pint always comes in and more in our hall. Besides, you'll probably get lucky and you can witness some of the events of our scheduling: book presentations, dance, live music... what will you experience? get ready!

23:00h: The day is almost over, you start to feel like lying down on your comfortable bed, reading, consulting your mobile phone, taking a shower and being able to rest, your room feels like the most comfortable and pleasant place in the world, just thinking about resting in the most bastards beds makes your mouth water. To rest, Bastard! You deserve that rest! See you tomorrow, sweet dreams!

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