26 places in Madrid perfect for Instagram

26.04.22 / 13:40

Monuments, bars, graffiti, bars... Madrid is full of magical corners that every day inspire unforgettable photos in Instagram. With our route with the most instagrammable spots in Madrid, all your followers will have to like your posts. Even those you haven't seen for 5 years and none of you really know why you still follow each other.Let's get to it!


1. Tabacalera

If you like graffiti, the walls surrounding Tabacalera gathers dozens of works by artists such as Boa Mistura or Kenor. There is something for everyone... and for every feed.In addition to that, the inside is one of the most alternative and special spaces of the capital. We are not going to spoil it, but we assure you that it is worth it, and you will undoubtedly find a good place to take photos.


2. Okuda and Bordalo

If you need more, just 5 minutes away, in Plazoleta de Cabestreros, there is another unique work of street art.Okuda and Bordalo joined forces to fuse their styles and form a very unique piece.

museo abc

3. ABC Museum

Also known as the ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration of Madrid, it has a very original design that can be great as a background for your outfits.And while you're at it, why not come in? Some of the exhibitions may be a source of stories. And also interesting.


4. CaixaForum

But if we have to highlight the façade of a museum, the CaixaForum is victorious, with its vertical garden.The most surprising thing is that it is a real garden! It has more than 120 different species of plants and does not need the ground to stay alive. Just water and nutrients.


5. Capricho

Do you like nature? Madrid has many beautiful parks, with big pathways and secret corners full of personality.Parque del Capricho is one of those perfect places for a photo shoot in nature. Even if it's a little far from the centre, it's definitely worth it.

rosaleda parque oeste

6. Rosaleda del Parque del Oeste

Next to Templo de Debod, this rose garden has more than 20,000 specimens of 600 different varieties, spread over a pleasant path.In 2006 it won the "Garden Excellence" award from the World Federation of Rose Societies. We don't know who they are, but it sounds important.


7. Real Jardín Botánico

If you think roses are too mainstream... First of all, what's wrong with you? Secondly, the Botanical Garden will make your face become the heart eyes emoji.The general ticket costs 4 euros, but students pay half, people over 65 pay 50 cents, and under 18 and teachers can enter for free.

parque siete tetas

8. Parque de las Siete Tetas

Cerro del Tío Pío, located in Vallecas, is known as the place with the best views of Madrid, especially if you combine it with  the sunset/dawn and a mini picnic.In case you're wondering, the name "siete tetas" or "seven boobs" comes from the seven elevations in it.

quintana del molino

9. Quinta de los Molinos

There is no better way to welcome spring than by visiting the blossoming almond trees at Quinta de los Molinos.The two weeks of flowering vary from year to year depending on the weather, but they tend to be around January and February, so watch out for the news on those dates!

barcas retiro

10. Boats at Retiro

A classic. If you haven't rented one of the boats at Retiro, have you really been to Madrid? Nothing represents Madrid's lifestyle better than enjoying the sun in a relaxing boat ride ;)

palacio de cristal

11. Palacio de Cristal

Another must-see in the Retiro is Palacio de Cristal, which has been amazing tourists and locals alike since 1887.Do you hear that coming? It's your likes record.

templo de debod

12. Templo de Debod

Another classic of Madrid, it combines incredible views with an egyptian temple built in II B.C., but has been in our city since 1972.The temple was a gift from the egyptian governmen, and was transported and rebuilt stone by stone maintaining its original orientation.

circulobellas artes

13. Círculo de Bellas Artes

If you want views of the city centre from above, we have several proposals for you. First, there's Círculo de Bellas Artes.In addition to being a very important cultural centre, its terrace has breathtaking views, although access costs 4€ and drinks are somewhat expensive.

corte ingles callao

14. Corte Inglés in Callao

In the heart of Callao, El Corte Inglés has a terrace on its ninth floor. Unforgettable views of Gran Vía.The terrace is a cheaper option, because you do not need to pay to enjoy the views, although it also has goof food and drinks.

15. Edificio España (Hotel Riu)

We are sure that the rooftop is the most visited spot in the last few months and the panoramic is simply incomparable. There is no known rival for these views over Casa de Campo, Gran Vía and all the roofs in downtown but did you know what you see at the foot of the building it is the new Plaza de España?

Here on a previous blog entry of Bastardo we already talked about the details of the renewed area but the best perspective you will ever get will be from hotel RIU’s rooftop.

16. Streets: Malasaña y Chueca

The streets of the centre reflect the history and madrilenian lifestyle, and are the perfect place for a photo shoot. You don't need anything else. So we encourage you to explore and wander around until you find a street that inspires you. But if you're going to get in the middle of the street, watch out for cars, please.

bar ojala

17. Bars and coffee places

If we started talking about bars and coffee places worth visiting... we wouldn't finish. And we have things to do, like pay attention to our guests.However, we are going to tell you several sites with instagrammatic purposes for you to investigate: Lolina, Café Comercial, Imperfecto, Salón des Fleurs, Ojalá (in the picture) and Jardín Secreto.

sala equis

18. Sala Equis

This old cinema for adults has been converted into a unique space where you can have a drink or a snack. The lighting changes a lot between day and night, although both moments are just amazing for pictures.Also, movies are still shown at the top. The perfect place for dates!

peces pal postureo

19. Sweet posing

The delight of millennials and centennials, there are two products that fill stomachs and feeds alike. First of all there are bars with all types and colours of cereals.The second one are the taiyakis from Pecera: colourful and tasty fish stuffed with ice cream.

Dopamine Land Bastardo hostel Madrid

20. Dopamine Land

Lose yourself in the place, interact, feel the joy Dopamine Land transmits and your body feels. The most difficult thing it that ALL THIS has to be seen through the pictures you are showing on social media. It is an unmissing experience you have to share!

Sweet space Bastardo Hostel

21. Sweet space

It is an experiential museum through different themed rooms. It might has nothing to do with Dopamine Land except for the tons of pictures you can (and have to) take here too.

Show your sweetest side. It is for everybody!

Museo de las ilusiones Bastardo Hostel

22. Museum of illusions

This tour covers different rooms all equally surprising and captivating. You will question everything appearing right before your eyes so you’d better capture it. It will be hard to believe otherwise….

As a museum it doesn’t miss its educational purpose. Go to learn, to explore, to experiment, to doubt, to understand and to lose your mind too. Charge your phone battery on full!

Restaurente Bloom Bastardo Hostel

23. Restaurante Bloom

We change the subject because it is not a place for interaction and experience as such; However, it is probably the restaurant with the most spectacular entrance in the whole city,

Bloom is intimate, delicate, surprising, carefor and with all this attention and detail every moment taken will turn out perfect.

Alternativx Bastardo Hostel

24. Alternativx

It is an art and clothing shop “Made in Spain”, no gender, plenty of creativity, authenticity and principles. All these take place in Conde Duque, a charming neighbourhood in downtown. Visit them, they have a lot to share (and not just through the fashion).

The experience can be booked on the webiste.

25. Aseo del Canopy by Hilton Madrid Castellana

We totally surrender ourselves to the charms of this place.
Pictures taken in the toilet, posing in front of the mirror, are a classic, right? Well, in this restroom you won't picture yourself like that but on the couch instead, with a flaming red background and the neon sign quote "Madrid me mata" (meaning "Madrid kills me").

lavanderia bastardo

Bastardo's laundry

Bastardo's laundry is not only because it's ours, but it's a really cool place. The mix of retro with neon lights creates a perfect combination to get many likes.

We invite you to come and see it with your own eyes. Write us an email hola@bastardohostel.com and we'll give you an appointment.

Do not come without let us know!


You have for quite a while with all this places! Your profile is going to look amazing.

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