Cuentacuentos en Bastardo

  • Date: 02.02.2019
  • Hour: 12:30 h

We bring a super plan for the little ones in Bastardo! You know how much we like the family plans in our hostel and that's why, for next February 2 we have prepared a very special activity for you, Ada Francoy comes to Bastardo, storyteller and writer.

How many times do we ask the kids, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Nerea was also being asked by everyone. The book "Quiero ser prinfresa" tells the story of a brave entrepreneur who knew she could become whatever she wanted. He didn't care that everyone thought he was crazy and, thanks to his imagination, he will achieve his dream: to become a "prinfresa". He will have to learn sewing, mechanics and medicine, among others.

I want to be a princess is a poetic twist to the classic topic of princesses, but from a free and imaginative perspective. It also seeks to fit into a children's literature that advocates for gender equality and family diversity. In the first place, because she is a woman protagonist, who is enterprising, imaginative and independent. Secondly, because Nerea forms a somewhat unusual family with elements that make her grow, avoiding idealized representations of romantic love so present in children's stories.

The presentation of the book will be done through a fun theatrical representation of the story, especially recommended for children from four years onwards. You will get to know the author and the illustrator first hand. In addition to enjoying the storyteller, they will get closer to the publication process, seeing some of the original illustrations, and having more direct contact with the artists. The presentation and storytelling will last approximately 30 minutes and there will also be the possibility of buying the book at the same event, as there will be a table for selling books.

  • Fecha: 02.02.2019 
  • Hora: 12:30 h 

¡Traemos planazo para los más peques en Bastardo! Ya sabéis cuánto nos gustan los planes familiares en nuestro hostel y por eso, para el próximo 2 de febrero os tenemos preparada una actividad muy especial, viene Ada Francoy a Bastardo, cuentacuentos y escritora.

Cuántas veces les preguntamos a los niños “¿Qué quieres ser de mayor?” A Nerea también se lo preguntaba to